About us

STNC ( THAILAND ) CO.,LTD. is a leading company specialized in supplying pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for automation applications in Thailand with the brand STNC & Uni-d. The company commenced operations in 2000. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we have the capability to provide the first class products and services by promptly satisfying customers’ needs. Many well- known enterprises use our products and services in Thailand. With 5,000 basic products and over 20,000 variations, STNC offers pneumatic solutions from air preparation to air operations in the automation process. The company products include: Filters; Valves; Cylinder; Pneumatic Accessories and PPR pipes, etc. We also produce different models of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders according to customers’ various requirement. It is the combination of many years of experiences and skills to form up the efficient and trustworthy company. 

The company also provides the packing equipments: auto and semi-auto strapping machines. The machines keep and secure the packages together allowing for easier handling and transport with strong strapping belts. It ensures the packages remains intact during shipping.  The machines are suitable for strapping the big volume of packages to enhance higher working efficiency. 

The PPR pipes and fittings ( Polypropylene Random Copolymer ) which we provide are largely used in potable water supply and distribution due to its non-toxicity in residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc. It can be substituted for steel pipes. Due to the high level of strength, light weight and anti-corrosion, our PP-R pipes and fittings proves to be the trusted piping system to be employed in industrial applications and water supply ( both hot and cold ).  PN20 ( approximate 20 bar ) PP-R pipes can be applied for air supply and pneumatic systems.  Applications :

  • Piping system for the transportation of aggressive fluids in industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • The compressed air supply system
  • Transportation of drinking water and liquid food 
  • Indoor as well as outdoor hot & cold water piping system 
  • Solar water heating systems
  • The heating system inside buildings  including floor, wall, and radiator heating