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TG Series Solenoid Valve ( 3/2 5/2 5/3 )
Category : Pneumatic Control Elements (Valve)
TG series solenoid valve is a pneumatic valve controlled by micro electric signal with small dimension, large airflow, reliable performance and long service. It can be installed in the integration. Its seal uses Japan's "Mitsubishi". TG series solenoid valves includes 3/2 5/2 5/3way valves such as TG2511-06, TG2512-06, TG2521-06, TG2521-08, TG2522-06, TG2522-08, TG2531-08, TG2531-10, TG2532-10, TG2541-15, TG2542-15 whose dimensions are as same dimension as solenoid valves such as 4V110-06 4V120-06, 4V210-08, 4V220-08, 4V310-10, 4V320-10, 4V410-15, 4V420-15, 5/3 way such as TG3512-06C, TG3512-06E, TG3512-06P, TG3522-08C, TG5322-08E, TG3522-08P, TG3532-10C, TG3532-10E, TG3532-10P, TG3542-15C, TG3542-15E, TG3542-15P. Its dimension is as same as 4V130-06C.E.P, 4V230-08C.E.P, 4V330-10C.E.P, 4V430-15C.E.P, 3/2 way such as TG2311-06, TG2321-08, TG2331-10, TG2341-15. Its dimensions are as same as 3V110-06, 3V210-08, 3V310-10, 3V410-15.
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